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For many internet shops, returns are a real pain in the ass. They can have an impact on client happiness, lower profit margins, and conversion rates. provides a simple return procedure and “wow” your clients when they have to send back an item

Why return process deserves more attention

Returns can affect your online store's profit margin in a variety of ways. Furthermore, European internet buyers have strict guidelines when it comes to returns.

According to statistics, 60% of European customers prefer not to participate in the return process. Online retailers are expected to handle all the arrangements and cover the cost of the return shipment.

If customers had to pay for returns themselves, 74% of them say they wouldn't place another order from an online retailer.

Instead of depending on e-retailers, some online customers still believe that they should be in charge of organising and covering the cost of returns. As an illustration:

  • British and Dutch consumers 19%
  • Austrian and German customers make up 17%

Are you aware that 71% of customers claim they wouldn't place an order at all if they couldn't locate information regarding the return policy? Additionally, 84% of respondents said they always review the return policy before making a purchase.

Yes, there are a lot of expectations from customers! But if you want to increase conversions, you should review your returns plan. I'll give you two insider tips:
Make sure you have an efficient returns procedure in place.

To increase retention, have a return policy that is easy for customers to use.

Easy process for Return shipments

Select your Origin Shipment

From the original shipment, click on “Return”

Select the service or Set a Rule

Select the service you wish for this Return shipment.

If you have set the rules, the system will automatically create the shipment based on the selected rules

Your customer gets return instructions will automatically send the Shipping Labels + Proforma invoice to your customer by email.

Return Shipments

Manage your returns across 200+ countries and territories

Ensuring Customer Loyalty

The seamless experience of online shopping plays a pivotal role in retaining customers. This involves maintaining a straightforward and hassle-free return process.

In addition to utilizing FedEx Global Returns, here are several methods to optimize and simplify this process, benefiting both you and your customers

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