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Internet based cargo insurance brokerage that is secure and simple to use. With our system, attestation can be easily saved, printed and forwarded by email

What Is Cargo Insure Online?

Safeguard your shipments with CARGO INSURE ONLINE through! Easily secure your cargo with our user-friendly platform for instant Cargo Insurance Online. ensures hassle-free transactions, offering quick Cargo Insurance Quotes online. Experience the ease of protecting your shipments with just a click. Buy Cargo Insurance Online with confidence and efficiency – trust CARGO INSURE ONLINE via for a streamlined and dependable insurance experience. Your cargo, our priority – make the smart choice for seamless and efficient cargo insurance with competitive rates through

Ship with good cover

Cargo Insure Online is an online specialist cargo insurance system established in 2014 to provide secure, instant and high quality cargo cover for goods owners and logistics providers, both domestically and globally, at very attractive rates

Minimal Premiums, Maximal Coverage


Available for Local and International shipments


Full policy coverage


per shipment - Insurance coverage

Biggest Range Of Couriers

Don’t restrict yourself to a handful of couriers. Utilize to tap into a network of 50+ couriers, ensuring you secure the best rates for shipping to any destination, regardless of the item or location.

Pre-Pay Duties & Taxes for Seamless Delivery

When engaging in international shipping, import duties and taxes often pose significant challenges. We offer complete transparency regarding anticipated import taxes, duties, and fees. Additionally, you have the option to pre-pay these costs, ensuring a seamless delivery process. This feature is fully compatible with Rates at Checkout

We Have What Cargo Insure Online Need

Countless satisfied Cargo Insure Online sellers leverage to enhance their business growth with improved shipping solutions.

Our seamless integration with Cargo Insure Online ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of without any disruption to the established business workflows on Cargo Insure Online platform.

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